From Zero to Launched in 12 Business Days

Our recent projects for Hill Wood Products and Ashawa Bay Flooring are proof that redesigning and redeveloping a website doesn’t have to take months. We were able to get two sites redesigned and responsively programmed with WordPress content management systems launched on budget in just 12 business days. 

We were initially contacted with the request to make the old sites more mobile friendly. We presented the client with three options: separate mobile sites, redeveloping the old sites to be responsive or redesigning the sites completely to be responsive and utilize a new content management system. After some discussion, the client decided that redesigning both sites was the best option to accomplish their goals.

Over the next twelve business days, we were able to create mockups of what the sites would look like, build out the sites with WordPress, add in the responsive programming that makes them accessible on all devices and take care of client changes.



Looks like we just shattered our own redesign record. 

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