How much should my website cost?

One of the first questions we are asked when talking to prospective clients about a website is: “What will my website cost?”

Our response? “It depends on what you want”.

Now, that may seem like we’re avoiding the question, but the truth is that we don’t just charge a set rate for a website. And, you should be wary of the places that do. We want each individual website to be a perfect fit for each individual business. We don’t do cookie cutter sites.

Here’s what we look at when we quote a website project.

How large (or small) will the site be?

You guessed it – the larger the site – the more it’s going to cost. And we think that’s reasonable: a four page site should not cost the same as a 20 page site.

Will we be hosting the site or will it be hosted elsewhere?

If we’re hosting (providing space on the Internet) the site, the cost associated with hosting again depends on the size of the site. If it’s small enough, it may qualify for our “Micro-Site” pricing – which basically means that it just doesn’t need as much space and we don’t have to charge you the full amount.

Do you want to be able to manage your content (keep it updated)?

Adding in a content management system (CMS) will add to the cost – but before you say that you don’t want this – compare the upfront cost against the maintenance charges that can result every time you want to make a change to the website. Usually, if you want to keep your website updated, the CMS will more than likely pay for itself very quickly.

What kinds of features do you want?

Responsive design? Separate mobile site? E-commerce? Online brochure? Member database? Event calendar? Do you need us to write copy? Will you need photography or use stock photos? Each one of these features will add to the project price.

Do you want us to optimize your site for the search engines?

We build our sites to be search engine friendly and include basic page titles and meta data but anything past this will be an added cost.

Are there any other web-based things you’d like us to take care of?

Want help claiming your business on Google? Need new social media graphics? We can do it and include it in the project price.

The cost of your website should be based on the features you choose to include. We tailor each website quote to each prospective client so that everyone gets EXACTLY what they want.

Want a quote on developing or redesigning your website? Let us know!

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