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Print Advertising

Today, we know that less advertisers are supporting print advertising mediums like as newspapers and magazines. Then again, we also know that there are less advertisers competing for the print audience’s attention.

There’s a silver lining in every cloud – you just need to know where to look for it.

Our media team has flipped through thousands of print pubs and there’s a good chance they know exactly what your target market is flipping through. Plus, our creative team knows what it takes to get the reader’s attention.

Interactive / Online Advertising

We are your link to online marketing success!

Banner ads, websites of all sizes, search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics (web statistics), pay-per-click search (CPC), web hosting and email, plus social media marketing and management.

We are the leader in online advertising and marketing and social media in Minnesota.

Radio Advertising

Radio is a visual medium. If it doesn’t paint a picture in your mind, it’s not there. If your radio advertisement doesn’t cut through the “on-air” clutter of everyday announcements, you’re doing it wrong.

Our media team will un’cover’ the best radio stations for your target market, write the script, hire the talent, buy the on-air time and will have your audience singing your jingle in their heads in no time.

Outdoor Advertising

Location, visibility, lighting and traffic counts are all factors in the selection process. Extensions or breaking the one dimensional plane is what we refer to as breaking the “plain.” Got your attention now?

We find and research the best out-of-doors mediums and locations and design concepts that will be most effective for you.

Television Advertising

With over 970 million TVs in the world – this is one medium you can’t ignore.

From creative development and sorting through market/rating shares to media placement and purchasing, we’ll get you on air.

Direct Mail Advertising

Mailing can be highly targeted to select audiences. Precise targeting increases your response rate and your ROI. Response rates often average between .5% to 10% and allow for tracking the performance through inquiries, tracking codes or the return of coupons.

We can assist you with every aspect of your direct mail program from list procurement and management to design, printing and mailing.

Display / Point of Purchase Advertising

Trade shows, travel and home shows – destinations, products or services – rely on us to create and produce displays and collateral materials. From lightweight 40inch banner stands to forty-foot long booths to specialized wall paper hangings, we’ve done them all and in record time.

Our onsite point of purchase offerings include counter top displays, internal signage, free-standing display kiosks, banners, banner stands, show booth accessories, posters, literature dispensers – you name it, we’ll find it.

Brand Development

Wherever you go, there you are. And, there’s nothing more important in the advertising world than brand recognition. It’s about being recognized (and remembered) no matter the medium in which your brand appears – from letterhead and business cards to your website, banner ads, print ads, displays, broadcast (and more), the same message/identity should be everywhere. It’s kind of like insurance that every time someone sees your logo or hears your jingle, they know who it’s for. If you don’t know who you are or who you should be, we’re masters of identity discovery.

Public Relations

When we strategically implement a public relations campaign, we’re all about shouting your name (or “guerilla” media campaign) out to as many people as we can!

Whether your goal is to get local or regional press or even national news attention, it’s our job to make sure your message is seen and heard in as many mediums (print, radio, TV, internet) as possible. We’ll get your “breaking news” story in front of the eyes of the proper media personnel, in the targeted markets that best fit your public relations strategies.


From brochures and business cards to letterhead and posters (and pretty much everything in between), we’re equipped to print every project in your business’ spectrum. With an in-house print shop and direct access to the printing industry’s most technologically-advanced shops, we’re the northland’s best printing company.

Photography / Videography

Pictures say a thousand words! In the day and age of overwhelming content at our fingertips, people are visually influenced more than ever before. Along with years of advertising and marketing experience comes the knowledge (and the rolodex) of the very best photographers and videographers to be found. Give us a call! We’ll even direct the photographer and/or videographer to ensure that your brand and products are displayed in the most impactful way.