Sasha Polar

Internet Specialist

Sasha is the Internet Specialist at W.A. Fisher. She assists clients with website updates and maintenance, content development, social media, WordPress updates and hosting. She also assists our web staff with web development and design.

Sasha has a diverse career background having worked closely with clients, provided technical support, and managed content marketing. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communications with a focus on design and digital marketing.

Sasha’s had a curiosity for technology ever since her dad brought home their first family PC. She received a Front-End Web Development certificate in 2020 and is continuing to grow at W.A. Fisher by assisting with web projects and supporting clients with their online presence.

Sasha works remotely from the Twin Cities and outside of work hours, you can find her exploring the great outdoors, creating digital art, and tending to her garden.

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Sasha Polar