Web Design Trends for 2015

Whether we like it or not, 2014 is coming to a close and the doors are opening to 2015. With a new year comes new design trends and we can honestly say that we are pumped for the next year and the developments in web design. Here’s a few web design trends for 2015 we are looking forward to!

Responsive Design – This trend isn’t new, but it is gathering steam and becoming the standard way to develop websites. If your site is not responsive, you probably should be considering jumping on the bandwagon soon. Basically all of the sites that we have programmed in the last year have been responsive and although we offer non-responsive options, we always suggest responsive sites over separate mobile sites.responsivescreens

Typography – Because your font choice matters. Thanks to services like Google Fonts and TypeKit, you don’t have to stick with the boring system fonts. And please… never, ever use Comic Sans. Ever.

Large Media – You’ll notice that most of our recent site launches feature large image rotators or background images – this is because photos speak louder than words. Instead of placing a paragraph of text that probably won’t be read, why not create an interactive video or photo that says what you need it to say?
The Lake Vermilion Resort Association website screams… come to Lake Vermilion in the fall, it’s BEAUTIFUL!

Tiles – You’ll be seeing this more and more often. Different widths, heights and content types? No problem: often referred to as a “Pinterest” effect, it loads different size tiles in a way so that they all fit together properly.

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