We’ve switched to Dropbox for file transfers

Dropbox-LogoAs an interactive and traditional print agency, we are constantly transferring files. Whether it be from us to the client, from the client to us, or us to a vendor, files (sometimes quite large) are constantly being moved around. Back in the days before cloud storage became popular, we created our own file transfer site and have continued to use it until very recently. With the rise in cloud technology and the drop in costs for cloud storage, it just seemed silly to continue to use our now dated site.

Going forward, we will be using Dropbox to send and receive large client files. If you’re a current client that has been using our file transfer site, please contact your account rep and they’ll let you know what you need to do to start sending us files again. No account with Dropbox is needed to send or receive files and we think you’ll like the new system!

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